Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

Aidan washin' windows

Elliot eatin' toes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


nibbling on the toes!

Elliot's first handmade dress...

I bought this material and pattern in Idaho and planned on making the dress with Melanie but we ran out of time and just ended up cutting out the pieces! Cameron's mom Jeanette saved the day and helped me finish the dress and showed me so many cool tricks! It turned out super sweet (if I do say so myself)! She was very patient with me and put up with the kids being there while we worked (what a saint)!
I can't wait to get my own sewing machine now and start trying to make more
(hmmm good thing mother's day is coming up)!
Trying to get a good picture was almost as
challenging as making the dress itself!
Check out the covered button on the back yo!

Fluffy petticoat underneath (probably made in china) from Old Navy.
The pink matched the pink in the material perfectly!

can't wait...

til San Diego - I thought it would be cool to teach Aidan about saving up for our trip to Sea World in June! I got this big jar and put all coins in it from my room and Dan did the same. Aidan went and got his Buzz Lightyear piggy bank and asked if he could put all his money in too! So sweet and thoughtful of him I know he is going to think it rocks when we cash in the coins and he gets some spending money for Sea World!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lucus's Birthday Party

Aidan put a brave face on and
let 'Deb the Dragon Lady' put a
big, hairy spider on his head!
Aidan had a blast at the birthday party
but mom had the hee bee gee bees (I wasn't the only one)!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrating Easter

Eggs for everyone to take home on Easter!

A house for some bunny to nibble on every chance he gets!

Easter Fun!

Boiling eggs, coloring eggs, decorating cookies and bunny houses! whew!

goin huntin'

Easter Egg hunt at the park with MOPS!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day for Dbacks

First Dbacks game of the season!

Finally a walker from Hissyfits!

Super A

Aidan is reading up on how to be a
superhero in this book from the Hendricks Family!

Fondue FUN!

Kenyatta had a fondue party for her birthday and it was YUMMY!!! She had a ton of fondue pots and little plates (she has fondue issues) and she filled about 10 of them with either melted cheese or oil/broth to dip stuff into. The guests brought the stuff to be dipped! I hooked up the chocolate fountain just to push us over the top a little and it was a lot of fun! Everyone seems to enjoy trying something new and especially all the different types of dips and sauces she made!

Great Skate

Adra had her birthday party at the Great Skate and Aidan wasn't really feeling it the way his mom did in the 8th grade! He would rather crawl than skate! I used to love, love this place and it is still the same with the same music!

cutie pa-tu-tee

She smiles and laughs all day long!