Sunday, March 29, 2009


Five Hours old...

Five Years old....This has been a birthday week in our house! Aidan turned five on March 25 and we have had one busy week! The morning started with a new Playmobile castle that the birthday fairy set up...

Then a stack of pancakes with a candle (he must have seen this in a book or tv show because he was very specific about it)!

We have been celebrating Aidan all

week and I LOVE every minute of it!

Melanie's Gift

This adorable blanket was handmade by Melanie,
who has been given the gift of craftiness! She is so generous with this gift. Everyone in her life
is blessed by it in so many ways!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Enchanted Island at Encanto

Check out Aidan in the front row on the very roller coaster I rode as a little girl!
Elli also got to go on the train with me and she was very interested in the ride!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I heart Hissyfits!

I needed little white shoes to go with this sweet little outfit (and many other like it). Hissyfits had these little robeez and I love them!

Zoo Day for Spring Break

Went to the zoo with Bobbie and her kids
and met up with Tonya and Tonia and all the boys!
Elli was the only little girl in the mix!

Luck o' the Irish!

Irish eyes are smilin'

Green Mums for the table!

Green Milk!

Making Green Cake
St. Patricks day is a big deal at our house and we love to green everything up! I make corned beef and cabbage and have the family over for dinner. We always end up watching The Quiet Man with John Wayne it's oh so Irish.

first food

Elli was starting to show interest in eating so we let her give it a try. We started her off with a little bit of rice cereal and she ate it! Aidan LOVED helping to feed her and I know he is excited about her getting bigger!

on our way home...sniff sniff

We had such a great time in Idaho and we are going to miss our buddies! Here is Aidan on the ride home with his new lego set from Melanie! Behind him is the transformer pillow that we whipped up for the plane ride home (he has sleep shorts to match)!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

handmade with love

Handmade hair flowers! The big red one is going to look
so sweet on little Elli!

Little Hooligan onesie with tutu! When I saw this onesie I knew it needed some fancy and I knew Melanie was the one that could hook it up for me! We had fun staying up late and working together on our little projects! We also made adorable bibs, sleep shorts for the boys and a matching little travel pillow for Aidan! He was very impressed to see me sewing!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idaho Birthday Party!

Jumping on the Trampoline in the snow!

What a blast! Happy 3rd Birthday Preston!

then and now in Idaho

March 06

March 09
We almost went to Krispy Kreme's just to take this picture and create the perfect scrap page! But of course there are always other reasons to go like the yummy doughnuts!!!
Good cheap fun and by good I mean YUMMY!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the boys

Don't need any coffee...while we were shopping they were just hanging out at Melanie's playing with all the lego's!

sbux in Idaho!

Since Melanie moved to Idaho the one thing we miss most is hanging out at starbucks! So we started our day there with Elli and had a fun time talking and enjoying our coffee together!

Build a Bear for Elli May

We took all the kids to the Boise Mall to hang out like the old days in Phoenix!  At the build a bear shop I asked Aidan if he would like to build Elli a bear instead of buying his bear an outfit...he chose to build his sister a bunny!  He recorded "I Love You Elli" inside of it and she loves it!

It's all about friends and legos..

What a sweet lego welcome that Riley made for his buddy!  

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Thursday morning at 9:00 am Aidan, Elliot and me boarded a flight bound for Boise!   Aidan was very excited to visit his buddy Riley and I couldn't wait to hang out with Mel!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Family pic with my camera timer...I love the way Elli is
looking at Aidan - what entertainment!
We went to the zoo yesterday to soak up this beautiful weather! We had a such a great time together and renewed the zoo pass so we can go all year long!