Thursday, February 26, 2009

ready to roll...

Elli is lovin walks in the stroller (check out her cute new shoes from Hissyfits)!

sunny and breezy

Spent some time outside today because it was sooo beautiful!

Tummy Time

I can't believe Aidan can climb this tree!

easy cheesy

Aidan's homemade pizza! mmm mmm good!

rum cake

I watched someone make a rum cake on food network and it reminded me of a lady I worked with about 15 years ago (yikes) that would bring rum cake on food days at Statewide! So I thought I would try it out! It only has about 1/2 cup of rum but it packs a little punch!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

fun & free today

Elli and me checking out the lights on the ground
Aidan going through the "trike wash"
Trying to ride the ?? have no idea!
The Phoenix Children's Museum was FREE today so we got there early and got out just as it began to get crowded! I love this place!!!
I am thinking about a membership....great air conditioned fun for the kids this summer!

Friday, February 20, 2009

rock out...

gimme back my ipod!

flower time

We needed to get some flowers planted so we brought Elli's swing outside! She seemed to like watching us work while she got to chill.


Elli and Aidan "playing" together. Aidan is showing Elli all of his dino toys!


Aidan made us dessert and he hooked it up! Chocolate pudding (best easy dessert for kids) in my fancy dessert cups with sprinkles! He was very he should be!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mini escape

Just a few hours but lots of fun! We drove up to Prescott for the afternoon and found SNOW!
Aidan had a blast but got verrrrry cold and shed a few tears on the way home before he crashed out!
Notice Uncle Steve's firm grip on Aidan in the top pic...he was throwing snowballs at the poor guy who kindly stopped to take our picture. The poor guy had no defense and wasn't expecting it! It was funny but bad!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

desert west

It felt good to show Aidan the new completed bowl at desert west. I told him about my part in raising the 60,000 needed to build it and he thought that was really cool. Kenyatta and I had some of the best times working on the contests, planning, organizing and simply supporting what we love!

I cannot wait to watch him skate it some day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


simple and sweet...that's my husband!

I love him!

Friday, February 13, 2009

got a break and saw a movie with Bobbie!

photo shoot!

We tried to take some pictures of the kids today at the mall! The pictures were cute but I didn't have the patience to look at them and order so we still have to go back! Afterwards we went to the park and I had to take a few of my own shots of Elli dressed all fancy schmancy. She is wearing the sweetest little vintage dress that is super long and has a matching bonnet! The little sweater was because it was a little chilly!
hissyfits cuteness of course!

Zoo Day!

Went to the zoo with mops group and my camera battery died after this one shot! I am used to having regular camera batteries and have to get the hang of this rechargable thing (by getting th hang of it I mean charge it)! It was a beautiful day and Aidan had fun being there with some buddies! We didn't stay long because I still wanted him to go to school for Valentine fun! I cannot wait to get our zoo pass renewed because it is one of my favorite places to take the kids! Plus they have a new water feature that Aidan is going to LOVE this summer!


Just wanted to put my yummy dark chocolate m&m's into something cute and use this adorable paper from cosmo cricket! Contrary to what Dan thinks about holding on to stuff...I knew this old jar would come in handy! Bonus feature: instead of valentine candy in a bowl that Aidan can quietly empty...this takes time open and I can hear the candy rattling around!


The only sport I have ever invested any energy in caring about (lots of it) is skateboarding! I am in the "not into sports person" category!

This being said I can't believe I found myself yelling and jumping up and down when we were watching the superbowl and I thought they were going to win!!! I took some pictures of Elli in her Cards colors so I could post them the next day with a victory message, but when we lost I was a little deflated (as was the rest of phoenix) and I didn't do it. So here it is now because she still looks adorable and Aidan is behind her with his football and at least we know her heart was in it and so was the teams!!! I love to see Phoenix on the map so even though I am not a follower I am proud of those there Cardinal football boys for making it to the superbowl! GO CARDS for next year!