Saturday, September 26, 2009

splash pad

Hanging out with cousins...

Elli could push this thing forever
costume time!
tents in the living room

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

never waste a cheerio!

Elli found some dropped
cheerios in her high chair!

silly sock day!

she is not going to be an elephant...

this costume was sooo cute but I tried it on her and the bottom part was just too big and she hated the head piece! I was going to girly it up with a bow and everything! she wouldn't even smile in this picture because she was so mad!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Benny Bear

Aidan got to bring home the class bear for the night
to hang out with us and of course I had to take pictures ;)
and sew him a little super cape
and tuck him in!
Aidan was very excited to bring him home - I could tell
that it made him feel really special and that it was an
important job for him to do for his class.

Finally rocking the sewing machine...

And I figured it out all by myself...pat, pat, pat!

lego band...

I can't help but take pictures
of Aidan's cool lego creations!

Best Uncle Ever!

We had a lot of fun while Uncle Matthew was here during
his work break! The vacation ended at the Pointe over labor day weekend
hanging out at the waterpark that all the kids loved (grown ups too)!
Good Times!
Elli is chillaxin in her robe and suit in the room!

First Friday

Aidan and Lane on their way to check out
some skate stuff at the First Friday art walk downtown.
It was quite the experience and very crowded...but the
night ended with ice-cream and a little splash pad water fountain!

Someone should have taken a picture of me

and Christine trying to get this shot with our cameras while pushing strollers ;)

crawling baby

This little doll (the actual doll)crys, laughs and crawls!
I wanted to see Elliot's reaction - it was so funny...she kept
crawling passed it, then stopping and checking her out!

Aidan thought it was cool too but

Dad said 'take those batteries back out!'