Monday, August 31, 2009


Aidan just about to walk into his classroom today....
"Mom, the most important thing is I won't get sent to the principles office!"

creativity is in the genes...

My niece knitted this cap for Elli - it's a perfect fit!

We can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it!

love bears all things...

Hair pulling by one and tight hugs by the other....all in the name of love!

getting organized...

Aidan is all over his schoolwork! Reading and learning to write
his letters everyday but so many papers were coming home from school
with nowhere to put them! I needed some organization
and found this little file for $3 at staples! Yay it
has a slot for each month - all I have to do is drop the work
into the month and presto - I am officially a pack rat!

Luckily they are keeping
his artwork at the school
for me until the end of the year!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mimi's Birthday Surprise

I contacted an awesome cousin of my mom's and had her
send me some pictures of my mom's grandmother and grandfather!
The pictures looked like the stock photos that come with the frames
so my mom opened it and said "where are the family pictures" ;) pretty fun
to see her reaction when I told her who it was!

Quote for the day...

A Scottish man was taking our order at Starbucks and Aidan said "Hey, how come he is speaking Spanish but I understand him?" :)

Ta, Mate!

Aidan in one of his goodies from Australia...there
was a whole box of fun stuff!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspiring me to keep on keepin' everything!

My sister's husband wore this as a baby and his
mom kept it (and the box with the most adorable
wrapping paper) all these years. I know it's why
I save this stuff!so sweeeeet!

Baby shower for our new cousin on the way...

Watermelon baby buggy...super easy!

Baby cake...white with strawberry filling mmmmm

Decorating Bibs!


Elli lately...

Figuring it out...uh oh!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We all walked to school together for this first
day but it's just too hot to
walk home right now!
Elli is going to miss him and she is going to
be so happy when he gets home!

Open, Open, Open...he didn't even really
want to play on the playground (we do that a lot already)
he just wanted to get inside that classroom!

Aidan is just so ready to get this school thing started!!!
I am very nervous and hope that he is good, follows directions,
makes friends and has fun.

Ready, Steady...

First packed school lunch...
Only the beginning...
French toast breakfast (tomorrow is probably
back to cereal)!

(I wouldn't let him wear a shirt because
I just know it would have been covered in syrup!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

birthday wishes...

Thank you to everyone!!!
I am truly grateful to have friends and family who care about me.
This year I was especially blessed with extra cakes,
dinner parties, scrapbook party and packages in the mail!
So much goodness!

super singing baby

more yelling than screaming...she loves this toy!
thanks hissyfits!

Elli and Lola

Elliot loves Lola! My niece keeps saying
"I don't even have to teach Elli to love dogs
she already does!"

putting the blocks away...

I told Aidan to pick up all the blocks...
guess I didn't specify IN the wagon...of course
I grab the camera because I just love the
way his mind works. Let's hope his Kindergarten
teacher loves it too ;)

messy and cute...

We gave Elliot the last part of an ice-cream cone and
she was digging it!

I had to take the unchewed cone (eeww)
because I was afraid she would choke...she is mmmmaaddd!

hip shades

By the time I get to blog about them...they are broken - go figure!